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Bishop picture


Made as more of an in-shop "frustration venting tool", the Bishop was born as a great way for delivering melee into objects when the Fiddleback Forge crew needed to let off a little steam. Of course, once something like the Bishop is crafted, it is hard to keep it a secret and instantly became popular with the dedicated Fiddleback enthusiast. 

Introduced in January, 2014 this chopper is our homage to the Southeast Asian blades like the Malaysian Parang, the Nepalese Khukuri, the Barong from the Southern Philippines, and even some Japanese samurai short sword influences. A full 9.25 inch blade is counter-balanced by a Khukuri-inspired handle that allows a lot of energy to be delivered into each swing while staying easy on the hands to grip. It is unusual for such a large knife to feel like an extension of your hand, but the Bishop handles that task flawlessly. This fine, handcrafted tool will make short work of the camping and hunting tasks that you encounter (or a hoard of attacking zombies).

And for those of you interested in Blade Sport, it is important to note that the Bishop is made to BladeSport specifications, including blade length and width, overall length, handle thickness, etc.

Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 9.25 Inches
Handle Length: 5.5 Inches
Blade Metal: typically 3/16 01 steel
Handle Material: varies by build
Tang: varies by build
Grind: Convex