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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming. We’ve known the season was upon us since the day after Thanksgiving or when we drove by that one house in the neighborhood that never takes down its Christmas lights even when the mercury is boiling over in the summer. This is a time of year when we gather with friends, fight off potential mob riots at the mall over a Black Friday sale, and when we watch incredibly cheesy but classic movies about the holiday season. It seems like people are either really into spreading Christmas cheer a la Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life” or they resemble that green guy from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. This is the time of year when we are supposed to be able to relax yet it causes so much anxiety. Coordinating travel plans with boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s families in addition to yours, wondering if it is OK to say “Merry Christmas” to easily triggered people, deciding what to buy. The list goes on and on. While doing some online shopping, the idea for this blog post came to us. Here are our bombproof suggestions for what to get that certain someone on your list. 


1. Fiddleback Forge Knives

How can this article on the Fiddleback Forge Blog not include a Fiddleback Forge blade? From the production models to the handmade line, Fiddlebacks make great gifts. Might I suggest the KE Bushie? Fiddleback Forge Knives put smiles on all faces of all ages and the exotic handle scales ensure a gift that is just as pleasing to look at as it is to work with. Worried about getting someone something they already have? Don’t! Andy and his crew have so many models to choose from and with all the possible handle choices, liner choices and grinds, you are almost guaranteed not to pick the same blade someone already has. If you really are stuck with which knife to buy, simply set a budget, look at the lineup, and when you’re ready, give the boys at the Fiddleback Outpost a call. They’re great guys and they can walk you through some suggested models to consider. Or, just take my advice and get one of those KE Bushies. 


2. Food

I vividly recall my parents receiving Omaha Steaks in the mail when I was a child around Christmas time. I’ll never forget turning the styrofoam box it came in into a raft for my GI Joes and then in later years a pellet trap with phone books stuffed inside for my air rifles. Food makes a great Christmas gift but what food options are there for the guy or girl who has everything? Well, as previously mentioned, you can’t beat a good steak. If you’re not a foodie and you’re wondering which cut to buy, look for quality dry-aged beef as the flavor is even more intense. You can also fall back on getting them little stocking stuffers of food they’ll likely take on camping trips, hunts, or hikes like trail mix, drink mixes, and sweets like freeze-dried ice cream, cheesecake, raspberry crumble. There are plenty of services online that cater to foodies sending “beer of the month” or regular jerky shipments. One tip if you’re sending food, package it correctly so it doesn’t spoil before it’s opened. If you really get stuck and want to send something hilarious but delicious, look up canned bacon. Yes, it exists! My friend Tom at can sell it to you. 


3. Accessories

You really can’t go wrong with certain accessories. What that outdoorsman in your life uses on a regular basis can wear down, get lost, or break so small accessories make great gift ideas. Take for example the various firestarters from our friends over at EXOTAC. From one handed sparking fire starters to ferro rods to their new titanLIGHT liquid-fuel lighter, you will certainly make someone smile with a firestarter. Want something more unique? Look at the custom ferro rods from HRK Machining that are quickly becoming the “must have” EDC item. Who else is threading ferro rods, using damascus for handles, and offering slick titanium shaped handles as an option? Other accessories include gear organizers like the keyDC, EDO, and MOTHER Canteen carrier from Center Line Systems. Leather goods from Diomedes Industries and Sagewood Gear are also going to go over well as they are the top makers in our opinion. Remember, one is none and two is one. Even if your loved one or friend has one, a backup will be appreciated and some items you can’t have enough of. Many of these accessories are under $50. Most are under $25. 


4. Travel

If the last two gift recommendations are not tangible. Consider giving the gift of travel. Think about writing up a “Travel Certificate” that can be redeemed by that friend who always asks you to take them with you when you go hunting, fishing, or deep into the woods. If you have more in your budget to spend, think about purchasing a weekend pass to an off-road park, lift tickets for a ski resort, or SCUBA Diving vouchers for a one or two tank dive. Let your friend or loved one experience the holiday by doing something you set up for them. If you really want to shoot the works, think airfare and an exotic beach somewhere, Iceland for glacier hiking, or Scandinavia for the ultimate bushcraft adventure. Want to really go over the top? I still have a couple spots left on an African safari next summer that will combine feeding the hungry along with plenty of adventure and survival instruction. Let me know! Last we heard, Andy Roy might even come along. 


5. Training

Combining travel with education, we have training as our final recommendation for a Christmas gift. Hunters can benefit from marksmanship training at qualified shooting schools like the SIG Academy in Epping, NH. Bushcraft and Survival enthusiasts can find new skills training with like-minded folks at reputable programs like Estela Wilderness Education, the Nature Reliance School, or with larger outfits like REI or LL Bean. For those who carry handguns for defense or work in the law enforcement/military community, consider training with Kyle Defoor of Defoor Performance Shooting or Bill Rapier of American Tactical Shooting if you want the best in the business. Those looking to really expand their horizons, look into purchasing the registration fee for a Sayoc Kali seminar that pop up from time to time around the country. Training is the gift that keeps on giving and knowledge weighs nothing. 


Maybe that certain someone has been nice or perhaps their naughty behavior is why you’re getting them a gift. Don’t stress it and go with the old reliable choices we’ve provided here. Remember, it is the thought that counts. Shop early, wrap it up tightly, and have yourself a Merry little Christmas. 


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