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The Fiddleback Forge Duke Has Arrived

The newest model in the Fiddleback Forge mid-tech line has arrived. Introducing the Duke. With an overall length of 10-1/2 inches, and a blade length of 5-1/2 inches, and made of Crucible CPM S35VN steel, the Duke is bigger than the Bushfinger model, but smaller than the camp knife. It is a very capable knife for hunting and camping, perfect for larger and smaller chores, in a relatively lightweight package.

Like the mid-tech Bushfinger the sheath of this knife is a high quality top grain leather sheath. It is welted and double-stitched, and it has rivets at the stress points. It is a deep rich brown color that will compliment the both the natural canvas or black canvas micarta handles this knife is offered with. The knife rides deep and secure in this sheath until you need it. It has a fire steel loop that will accommodate up to a 3/8-inch diameter ferrocerium rod to give you the capability to prepare tinder, kindling, and and ignite your fire in one system that rides easily on your belt.

The Duke is a large enough knife to easily handle some of the heavy work of your adventures. The contours of the handle and the pommel swell, combined with the lanyard for added security of the handle purchase, allow for dropping back to a rearward three-finger grip for more power from chopping blows. This enables the user to get the functionality of a larger tool in this role, without the added size and weight of carrying a larger tool. This can come in handy for: hunters who need to travel lighter in back country, but need the capability to remove larger limbs from the line of fire from their tree stands, for quickly taking down saplings for an emergency shelter, or in a worse case scenario for making a crutch, splints, or a litter in an emergency situation.

Even though the Duke is not exactly a small knife, it isn't exactly huge either. It is more of a mid-range sized knife meant for all around camp work. Thus even though it is large enough to serve in a chopping role if pressed into such service, it can also handle smaller more detailed work as well. The handle is contoured three dimensionally to provide excellent ergonomics for superior hand comfort in long term used in multiple grips and holds. The ergonomics and crenelations provide a very secure purchase, and in conjunction with the oval cross section and neutral balance make the knife feel very natural in the hand, and very easy to control the edge in finer work.

There was a lot of thought put into the materials for, and the designs of, the Fiddleback Forge mid-tech line of knives. The micarta handle scales were chosen to give the avid outdoors-man a durable handle material in all types of weather and environmental conditions. With the handles of these knives being made via CNC machinery, we were also able to add an extra feature that could not easily be done on a hand-made knife, and that is the crenelated handle. These textured grooves a more secure purchase on the handle for better control in slippery or wet conditions. As outdoors-men ourselves, we know very well just how slick mud, blood, and tallow can make a knife handle. Because we also know the days you have scheduled off for your hunting and camping trips are seldom the nicest days of the year, we chose Crucible CPM S35VN steel. We feel this steel offers the best combination of edge performance, corrosion resistance, and ease of in-the-field maintenance, for the highest level of quality at the most reasonable price for real world use in the field.

So if you have been in the market for a high quality knife to suit your hunting and camping needs, you should take a good look and the mid-tech version of the Fiddleback Forge Duke model, we think you will like what you see. We purpose-designed this knife with these exact uses in mind. To give the outdoors-man a knife solid high quality knife, that performs well in all ranges of hunting and camping needs. It is well suited for uses ranging from clearing brush for access to the base of the tree for the tree stand, clearing lines of fire, and processing the game then on to shelter building, fire craft, and food prep in camp. We feel we have developed one of the best knives for these purposes currently available on the market, and we feel you may think so too.


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