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Production Knives

The line of Fiddleback Forge Production Knives are actually a hybrid between the handmade knives that have made Fiddleback Forge knives famous and production or mass produced knives that are seen from the name brand manufacturers like Buck or Gerber. These hybrid (or "mid-tech") knives blend the best of both worlds by offering you a custom Fiddleback design with quality materials and increased availability. In addition, each knife receives hand-finishing touches at the Fiddleback shop before being shipped from our shop to you. These mid-tech production knives are Fiddleback Knives all-the-way and feature the quality that you'd expect from Fiddleback, including:

  • CPM S35VN stainless steel with a tumbled finish
  • Heat treatment done by Peters
  • CNC’d handle shapes based on a hand made designs that Andy hand carved. 
  • CNC machine work done by Nathan the Machinist
  • Handles are available in natural canvas or black canvas crenelated micarta
  • Included sheaths are made by JRE Industries

As stated above, all mid-tech production knives feature a tumble-finished blade made of Crucible CPM S35VN stainless steel. This un-coated blade offer superior performance due to less resistance when cutting and is well suited for harsh environments - exemplifying the hard duty lifestyle these knives are designed for.

The handle sales compliment the rugged blade and are hand finished at the Fiddleback shop, secured  with three hex screws using Locktite to mitigate loosening problems under heavy usage. The crenelated surface of the canvas micarta handles provides a comfortable, yet slip-free surface to compliment any wet environment usage.

Check out our current line of Fiddleback Forge Production Knives and look to our purchasing page for our authorized resellers.

All Fiddleback knives, handmade and production, feature a limited lifetime warranty.


Don't let it fool you - this may look like the 'runt' of the production line, but this is a serious work knife. The Runt is another very small knife that was designed on a post it notepad. Its one of those knives you hold in the palm of your hand and stare at.

Hiking Buddy
Hiking Buddy

The Hiking Buddy is one of Fiddleback's oldest patterns and has been in production for over six years. During that time it has remained one of our most popular models, especially among avid outdoor enthusiasts including hunters and campers.

Bushfinger Production Knife

The Bushfinger is typically the go-to knife for the first-time Fiddleback Forge knife owner. The reason for this is the full size 4 inch blade.


The Duke lives up to the rugged image of its larger-than-life namesake. Its 5.5-inch blade is capable of chores from shelter building and brush clearing to game processing and food prep.

Camp Knife
Production Camp Knife

No mid tech production line would be complete without a chopper. The Fiddleback Forge production Camp Knife is your go-to knife for any serious chopping task.