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The Duke is situated between the Bushfinger and the Camp Knife in the Fiddleback lineup. Its 5.5-inch blade and handle ergonomics make it capable of chopping tasks while still performing well at detailed work.

From Fiddleback Forge's Andy Roy: "The Duke is the knife that I designed to take the place of my old K-Bar USMC knife that I carried everywhere and did everything with when I was a kid. It is an improvement. Its sturdier with a full tang, no stamped metal guard and no butt plate. It is made from much better steel. Its handle is more whether resistant than the leather, ie micarta is almost impervious to everything. When I went into the woods as a kid I had my USMC knife and my pocketknife for whittling of course. I was big on walking sticks and was always carving them. I did everything with that duo. I was one of those kids that got off the bus, did homework as quick as I could and hit the woods by the house. Get your self a Duke. Its a winner model."

Made of very rugged, quality materials, each one of the Dukes is hand tuned and assembled here at Fiddleback Forge, just like all of our production knives to make them a true mid-tech production knife. Topping off the packaging is an included, top quality leather belt sheath from JRE Industries.

The Duke is ten and a half inches in overall length, but its handle shape and rear hidden lanyard hole allow it to perform the chopping tasks of a larger knife. It is well-balanced and nimble, at 8.5 ounces total weight.

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Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 5.5 Inches
Handle Length: 5 Inches
Blade Metal: 5/32" thick CPM S35VN
Handle Material: Black or Natural Canvas Micarta
Tang: Skeletonized Full
Grind: Flat