For those that are interested in purchasing our knives, please join us every Friday for Fiddleback Friday™ on our dedicated forum channel on the Blade Forums. Most of my knives are sold directly through Blade Forums in this way. If you're new to the Blade Forums, please note that setting up an account is free. However, you will want to do it before a Friday posting of our available knives, as they sell fast. In other words, you've got to be quick when the knives are posted it's first come, first serve.

In addition, we also work with numerous great, independent online retailers that sell Fiddleback Forge knives. Please check out the following:

Fiddleback Outpost - Fiddleback Forge
Knives Ship Free - Fiddleback Forge
USA Made Blade - Fiddleback Forge
The Knife Connection - Fiddleback Forge
Bladeco - Fiddleback Forge
BladeHQ - Fiddleback Forge
DLT Trading - Fiddleback Forge
Olde Towne Cutlery
Arizona Custom Knives - Fiddleback Forge
Gear Barrel - Fiddleback Forge
7 Rattles Bushcraft
Olde Towne Cutlery
Lee's Cutlery - Fiddleback Forge
JSR Sports & More

Please note that depending on availability the above resellers may not always have Fiddleback Forge knives in stock.

Fiddleback Forge is a handmade knife manufacturer that produces knives in small batches (presently a few dozen knifes per week, on average). These knives are sold through the direct channels above and often sell out almost immediately. As such, Fiddleback Forge doesn't maintain an inventory and we don't do direct online sales. In other words, you cannot purchase our knives directly from our website and you will not find a shopping cart here.

Base Model Knife Pricing

Our pricing will vary for each knife we make, depending on the options that have been integrated into the knife, as well as the base model of knife. For base models, our pricing is as follows:

  • Mosquito - $150
  • Very Small Knives: Bow Legged Joe, Karda, Pocket Kephart, Runt, Minnow, Sgian Dubh, Stubbymuk - $220
  • 3" Bladed Knives: Bear Cub, Bow Legged Belt Knive, Bushboot, Bushcraft Karda, Bushcrafter Jr., Bushnub II, Bushraptor, Carver, ED Karda, EDC, EDC II, Esquire, F2, Handyman, Hiking Buddy, Lonestar EDC, Minimuk, Patch, Rebel, Renegade, Shank, Wasp, Wingman, Woodpecker - $250
  • 4" Bladed Knives: Arete, Asp, Bullfrog Bowie, Bushcrafter, Bushfinger, Bushpik, Drop Point Maverick, Drop Point Toad, KE Bushie, KPH, Ladyfinger, Maverick, Monarch, Nessmuk, Recluse, Scorpion, Sneaky Pete, Snubnose, Terrasaur - $275
  • Bear Paw, Bourbon Street Skinner, Bushcrafter Sr., Camp Nessmuk, Hunter, Leuku, Woodchuck - $325
  • Big Sneaky, Duke, Fiddleback Fighter, Toothpik, Woodsman - $380
  • Camp Knife, Sandokumuk - $490
  • Competition Cutter, Bishop - $550
  • BLC - $900
  • Machetes (12" - 16") - $130

Option Pricing

  • $60 for stainless steels
  • $50 & up for using Ironwood
  • $50 & up for stabilized woods
  • $40 for expensive g-10 and Micarta scales
  • $40 for custom phenolics/burlaps from Shadetree
  • $50 for hand rubbing
  • $40 for single bolsters
  • $60 for double bolsters
  • $60 for forged curley cues
  • $40 for tapering a tang

Production Knife Pricing

  • Runt - $175
  • Hiking Buddy - $195
  • Bushfinger - $225
  • Duke - $275
  • Camp Knife - $350