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Fiddleback Forge Machete

NOTE: Sheath varies from photos.

Fiddleback Forge Machete

These are real machetes. They're made from 1075 steel, with proper and traditional machete heat treatment performed by craftsmen in El Salvador. Fiddleback Forge has designed the handle to give protection for your fingers that just you won't find on most machetes. This allows us to bring the edge all the way down the blade, so the knife can do bushcrafting chores, such as notching with ease. In addition, the khukuri style bulge in the handle allows for chopping with the hand in two positions using varying amount of wrist snap. We currently carry the Machete in 12” and 16” blade lengths. The 12” model has a 3mm thick steel blade that is tapered from edge to butt, while the 16” model is made from 2.2mm thick steel.

Like all Fiddleback Forge Field Knives, this machete is a "mid-tech" production version that features precision, pre-machined parts hand assembled and tooled by the Fiddleback Forge artisans to produce a knife engineered for hard work.

A top quality, leather sheath with belt loop IS included.

Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 12" / 16" 
Handle Length: 5.5 Inches
Blade Metal: 3mm 1075 Steel (12") / 2.2mm 1075 Steel (16")
Handle Material: Natural Canvas Micarta

Assembled, and hand-finished in the USA. Machete steel fabricated and heat treated in El Salvador.


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