Fiddleback Forge Camp Knife - Mid-Tech Field Knife - DISCONTINUED

No field knife lineup would be complete without a chopper. The Fiddleback Forge Camp Knife is the go-to knife for any serious chopping task. This impressive working knife is almost a foot long, weighs in at 14 ounces, and has the capacity to go through nearly anything. The Camp Knife is modeled after the khukuri, with a grip that allows it to be held in two different positions while increasing or decreasing the “snap” motion while chopping. The crenelated Micarta scales hold together a massive 3/16” (4.75mm) slab of Crucible CPM 3V tool steel. The CPM 3V offers the highest impact toughness of any tool steel with this range of wear resistance and is designed to provide maximum resistance to breakage and chipping in a high wear-resistance steel. This knife was designed with camping in mind. While it might be not be the whittler’s choice, this knife is perfect for clearing a path or chopping wood to make a fire. Like all Fiddleback Forge Field Knives, this knife is a "mid-tech" production knife that features precision, pre-machined parts hand assembled and tooled by the Fiddleback Forge artisans to produce a knife engineered for hard work.

A quality, leather sheath with belt and ferro rod loops is included, crafted by JRE Industries.

Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 6.4"
Handle Length: 4.6"
Blade Metal: 3/16" Thick Crucible CPM 3V Tool Steel
Handle Material: Natural or Black Canvas Micarta
Tang: Full Exposed
Grind: Flat

Knives fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA, using domestic steels and handle materials.


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