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Fiddleback Forge Bushcraft Hatchet - Orange Burlatex

Fiddleback Forge Bushcraft Hatchet Knife - Orange Burlatex - Black Liners - White Pinstripes

The Fiddleback Forge Bushcraft Hatchet is what you need to set up camp and proclaim to all those in the forest, that you are indeed, not messing around. With all the benefits of a knife, but with a savage side. Cleaver-like in appearance, the Bushcraft Hatchet is a campsite conqueror! Make no mistake, this is no kitchen knife that hung out with the wrong crowd growing up...this blade is purpose-built to rock the outdoors.

With its full and confidently shaped handle, the Fiddleback Forge Bushcraft Hatchet gives control to what is now the tallest blade yet made by Fiddleback Forge. The blade measures about 2.375" at it's tallest point. You'll need all the grip you can get when wielding what is obviously a forward heavy chopper like this...and it has it. You smile just looking at imagine how you'll feel using it!

Sheath sold separately. 

Knife Specifications

Blade Length:  6"
Overall Length:  10.5"
Blade Metal:  5/32" A2 Steel 
Handle Material: Orange Burlatex - Black Liners - White Pinstripes
Tang:  SFT - Skeletonized Tang
Grind:  Convex

Knife fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA by Fiddleback Forge and Andy Roy, using domestic steels and high-quality handle materials 


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