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Fiddleback Forge Gaucho - Fire Dog Micarta

Fiddleback Forge Gaucho Knife - Fire Dog Micarta - Natural Bolsters - Natural Liners

The Fiddleback Forge Gaucho creates a solution to a unique problem you may not have known you had...what knife do you get if you want to play outside AND prep food both camp-side and inside?

Not that the Gaucho is a kitchen knife per se, it is very much an outdoor knife. But that doesn't stop anyone from prepping their favorite family meal in the kitchen, then heading off outdoors for an adventure. The Gaucho is like your ideal grandmother...she'll cook a mean meal, not care how dirty you got playing outside, and cut anyone that messes with you. She will love you unconditionally.

The Gaucho's lean handle feels nimble in hand. And the light weight makes it a joy to use. It may be the one Fiddleback your spouse won't give you grief about buying. Maybe.

Sheath sold separately. 

Knife Specifications

Blade Length:  4"
Overall Length:  8.625"
Blade Metal:  3/32" A2 Steel 
Handle Material:  Fire Dog Micarta - Natural Bolsters - Natural Liners
Tang:  SFT - Skeletonized Full Tang
Grind:  Convex

Knife fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA by Fiddleback Forge and Andy Roy, using domestic steels and high-quality handle materials 


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