Fiddleback Forge Reaper - 8670 - Katalox

Fiddleback Forge Reaper Knife - Katalox - Natural Liners - Lime Pinstripes

The Fiddleback Forge Reaper is a knife that looks like it's all about the form and not the function. With it's clean lines and curvy shape, it's reminiscent of industrial design sculptures or what you would see on a concept car at a SEMA show. But the sexy simplicity of the design can't mask the highly functional piece of working art that this knife embodies. It's like the dream girl who looks fantastic in heels and a party dress, but is truly happy in camo and pony tail.

The Fiddleback Forge Reaper has an uncanny way of immediately feeling familiar in hand, like you have already handled it for years or in a previous life. The arched handle is reminiscent of the popular Bushboot model, but with a longer, slightly more relaxed feel to it. The blade can best be described as elongated wharncliffe style. It's shape lends itself well to precision work with the tip. The pointed tip, along with the slightly curved belly of the blade, make it a dream for slicing applications.

Sheath sold separately. 

Knife Specifications

Blade Length:  3.875"
Overall Length:  8.25"
Blade Metal:  1/8" 8670 Steel 
Handle Material: Katalox - Natural Liners - Lime Pinstripes
Tang:  TT - Tapered Tang
Grind:  Convex

Knife fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA by Fiddleback Forge and Andy Roy, using domestic steels and high-quality handle materials 


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