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J.B. Knifeworks Filet Knife - Electric Chicken G-10

J.B. Knifeworks Filet Knife - Electric Chicken G-10 - Natural Liners - Pink Pinstripes

Joey made this. It's cool. You would like it. You should carry it every day and let your kids fight over it when you die. As you can tell, Joey doesn't give us knife descriptions, so we're forced to make stuff up. Don't let that put you off, he's a knife-maker, not a poet. He also gave it to us late in the week, so this is the extent of creative ability we have left for descriptions. 

Sheath sold separately. 

Knife Specifications

Blade Length:  6.675"
Overall Length:  11.5"
Blade Metal:  1/16" AEB-L Steel
Handle Material:  Electric Chicken G-10 - Natural Liners - Pink Pinstripes
Tang:  Full Distal Taper
Grind:  Full Height Grind

Knives fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA, using domestic steels and handle materials 

Collections: Apprentice Knives

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