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Fiddlback's first designs were the first 2 Fiddlebacks that I purchased (and still have)...they are the 3 Finger Joe in Ironwood and the Runt in Rosewood. That started my collection and I’ve owned over 60 Fiddleback and family knives - and still expanding! I no longer purchase any other family/brand of knives and rarely carry any of my pre-Fiddleback knives. I used to collect a lot of tactical folders and high end factory knives but I am much happier with the support, look, feel, and more personal approach by far with your organization. This probably mirrors the sentiment of the majority of us who have been regulars on the sub-forum and Fiddleback owners. Thank you so much for all of what you guys do.

Brian Q

I know most people buy a knife and hardly use it. I am not that guy. I gut, skin, bone out and process over 100 large game animals a year and spend 45 days a year in the woods in a tent. I have a bushcraft knife and a machete. No amount of money can buy these two knives from me. I'll hand them to a grandson I don't yet have. I have met few that use a knife like I do and fiddleback is my choice. And I have tried nearly all big name knife companies. Andy Roy is second to no knife builder I know.

Trey S.

Love Fiddleback Forge, awesome knives! The handle design is one of the best I have ever held & the fit & finish is second to none.

Thomas M.

Beautiful knives with superb build quality! Own four of them so far...

Grunde L.

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