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General Warranty - Fiddleback Forge Knives

All Fiddleback Forge knives come backed with a general warranty. Given the quality of the product, you should be happy when you receive it. However, if it is not to your liking, you can return the unused product within the first 30 days of owning it. After we have received the knife in unused condition, we will refund the purchase price. This excludes the return shipping, which is not covered. To make a return, please follow the guidelines in our Return Policy.

We guarantee our knives to be free of defects from normal use and will repair or replace if necessary. Natural handle materials such as stag, bone, wood, pearl, and ivory may shrink, crack, and discolor with change in humidity, temperature, or age. This is normal and is not covered under this warranty.

General Warranty - Fiddleback Forge Machetes

Machetes are satisfaction guaranteed on arrival. We also guarantee that the blade won't break, and that the handle won't pop off. These are not cheap, mass-manufactured machetes and we build them to withstand the typical usage of a machete. If either of those two happens, we'll provide you with a new machete. However, edge damage is common in the normal use of a machete. It is to be expected, and therefore is not covered under warranty.

To fix nicks or other edge damage in your machete blade, file it out like any other machete and go on having fun cutting.

Abuse Exclusion

Here’s the thing - we love our customers and the vast majority of them treat our knives like they treat their kids (maybe better - we don't judge). However, not everyone falls into this category. We do not cover abuse, improper usage, misuse, acts of God, or other accidental damage.

For blades...Skinners, Nessmuks, Machetes, etc. are designed to be used for their specific function. Using ANY blade for a purpose it was not intended for can cause damage and is misuse at best. We believe this is common sense, but in any case it has to be said. If your blade is damaged, the blade can likely be fixed and we will do so as cost effectively as possible. If we deem the damage to be from misuse of the product, then you will be charged for repairs. We will estimate this cost and provide it to you before we repair the product. In other words, you will not receive a new, free knife out of a return linked to misuse/abuse.

Any maintenance or modification that would require a motorized grinder to be used should be done only by Fiddleback Forge. Any company, person, or other maker (even a master) who puts a Fiddleback Forge knife to a motorized grinder has voided the warranty. Because of the potential heat added from a motorized grinder, Fiddleback Forge can no longer vouch for the heat treat on that steel.