Fiddleback University - Knife Making Classes

Fiddleback Family Knives

Part of our business model has always been paying it forward and helping new & established knife-makers learn great skills...but more importantly, grow their own brands. There have been some amazing artists and brands come through the Fiddleback Forge shop. It's been an honor to teach and learn from each of them, as well as humbling to see what these amazing craftsman are capable of creating!

We'll occasionally release knives that pass Andy's standards that the apprentices (current and former) have made under their own knife brands. We'll put these amazing knives in this section...although you may also see them on the Fiddleback Friday page as well.

We have had some of the best knife-makers in the business work in this shop starting as an apprentice and growing into fantastic brands of their own. You can learn more about our current crew and past apprentices by visiting Our Story page. You can shop available Fiddleback Family knives below.

Available Fiddleback Family Knives