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Fiddleback Forge Bishop Knife - Model Info

Two words: Beast Mode. Make everything in the woods fear you, make all your camping buddies envy you. The Bishop makes no qualms about being obvious about what it is made for...being awesome at chopping up anything you want chopped.

This Fiddleback Forge Bishop's 5.5 inch handle is fashioned out of evergreen burlap with natural liners. The evergreen burlap has fantastic depth and begs for the great outdoors. The spalted steel blade is pure business with a side of sex-appeal. It just makes you smile from picking it up.

The Bishop, a chopper, is Fiddleback Forge's homage to the Southeast Asian blades like the Malaysian Parang, the Nepalese Khukuri, the Barong from the Southern Philippines, and even has some Japanese samurai short sword influences. A full 9.25 inch blade is counter-balanced by a Khukuri-inspired handle that allows a lot of energy to be delivered into each swing while staying easy on the hands to grip. It is unusual for such a large knife to feel like an extension of your hand, but the Bishop handles that task flawlessly. This fine, handcrafted tool will make short work of the camping and hunting tasks that you encounter (or a hoard of attacking zombies).

For those of you interested in Blade Sport, it is important to note that the Bishop is made to BladeSport specifications, including blade length and width, overall length, handle thickness, etc.

Sheath sold separately. 

Knife Specifications

Blade Length:  9.25"
Handle Length:  14.25"
Blade Metal:  A2 5/32" thick
Handle Material:  Varies knife to knife
Tang:  SFT - Skeletonized Full Tang or TT - Tapered Tang
Grind:  Convex

Knives fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA, using domestic steels and handle materials 


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PLEASE READ: This is a model example only and does not represent current stock of this model, nor the ability to order the exact knives shown. Fiddleback Forge does not take custom requests nor do they build knives to customer specifications. This listing is meant to show previous configurations of this particular model that we have had in stock, as well as possibilities of configurations for future knives that Fiddleback Forge may choose to make. Specifications are subject to change at Fiddleback Forge's discretion.