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Fiddleback Forge's Apprentices

Along with our current crew, we've also had the past pleasure of having some of the best knife-makers in the business as apprentices in the shop.
Here's some of the fantastic people that were part of our team over the years:

Dylan Fletcher - Fletcher Knives
Dan Eastland - Dogwood Custom Knives
Damon Lusky - AK Knives
Adam Andreasen - Valkyrie Knives

Allen Surls - W.A. Surls Knives
Chris Linton - Osprey Knife & Tool
Russell Reece - Cohutta Knife Co.
Kyle Mellino - Grange Park Knifeworks

Every apprentice taught us just as much as they learned from working here! Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach, because you usually end up learning new things together.

Dylan Fletcher was Andy's first apprentice, and he's remained a long time friend. They worked side by side together since shortly after Fiddleback Forge was formed. In 2018, Dylan moved Fletcher Knives to a separate shop.

Allen Surls, Russell Reece, & Kyle Mellino are still employees of Fiddleback Forge as they continue to grow their own knife brands as well.

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