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Fiddleback Forge Writers

Fiddleback Forge adds to our great collection of featured articles several times a month. Articles and opinion pieces  have been written consistently written over the last several years by fantastic writers and friends. This has given us an incredible collection of great reads that stand the test of time. 

Each writer has a unique perspective on the role of Fiddleback Forge knives in both our outdoor and everyday lifestyles.

Kevin Estela


Kevin Estela is a Survival Instructor at Estela Wilderness Education. Kevin is a frequent contributing writer for publications such as RECOIL, Athlon Outdoors, and Beckett Media. He is a Sayoc Kali Associate Instructor Level 2, as well as a BJJ Purple Belt.

Brian Griffin


Brian Griffin is a photographer, knife enthusiast, wilderness skills instructor, professional writer, author, outdoor gear research & development consultant, and knife designer. He has a long history of using and developing outdoor related tools and gear.

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